How to Get the Best Out of Your French Alps Cycling Tours?

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Cycling in the French Alps is certainly enjoyable and also adventurous. Before taking place French Alps biking scenic tours- guided, self-guided or Gran Fondos, there are some valuable ideas that bicyclists need to consider in order to get the maximum out the cycling excursions.

French Alps is one of the most preferred destination for biking scenic tours as a result of the tremendous diversity, including snow-capped tops, glaciers, eco-friendly fields, as well as attractive lakes. You will certainly locate many excursion leaders to organize your bicycle excursion or biking getaway, but a self-guided is the best for a rejuvenating holiday. You can take pleasure in seeing the Trip de France, the alpine scenery or Alpe D’Huez while pedaling across the French Alps.

If you’re choosing French Alps biking excursions for the very first time, here are some practical suggestions to make it unforgettable for you:


If you intend to base yourself in one place for your holiday, then you must try to follow following pointers:

Discover an area in the valley, not up in the hill since you do not wish to have to climb the exact same mountain after every ride. Not just you will certainly obtain burnt out, however it will certainly also limit the distance you can ride every day. You will not have the ability to try a selection of courses as a result of a limited distance.

You should locate a place with a range of various courses, ideally at the joint of multiple valleys, or something. Obviously, you can always go for a point-to-point excursion, yet it will cost you a lot more, as well as trigger little inconvenience of moving as well as enduring of a luggage.


A lot of bicyclists have a practice of riding on flat or moving terrain and have a clear idea concerning how many kilometers they can take care of in a day. Yet, when it pertains to riding in hills, all estimations fail. One thumb policy of French Alps cycling scenic tours is to presume that your typical speed will reduce by 50%, and also consequently, the range you will certainly have the ability to cycle in a specific time will likewise minimize by 50% too. So, if your typical speed is 35km/h, after that expect something like 20 km/h. It is always better to either plan on shorter ranges or you can invest even more time in the saddle.


As the roads in the mountains frequently cut through long passages, you should await this. According to France regulation, rear lights is required in tunnels and it is purely for your own safety and security. If you are not comfortable with riding in problems without much visibility, after that you must get front light also. When you get to in a dark area of the passage, it can be quite dis-orientating for the first time, specifically if there is website traffic. The best strategy is to focus on maintaining the same setting when driving, taking a look at a spot 3-4 meters in advance while concentrating on the white lines.


As you are investing a substantial amount of time riding at a rate a lot slower than normal, you require to have lower gears. In instance you currently a typical set of 52/39 chain-ring then you must opt for a portable one.